New zyxel firmware 3.00(BDR.4)


Had a problem with CPU usage on my firewall was 100% all the time, i contacted support and they sent me the latest 3.00(BDR.4) firmware, following the update no problem with CPU 100%. If you have the problem maybe upgrade firmware would help ? I was before running 3.00(BDR.3) firmware of my firewall !

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Linkstation and Zyxel ADP (IDS)


Following my problem on my NAS servers i lost Internet access !!! o dear !

I have now figured out that it’s most likely Buffalo Nas navigator that is “scanning” the local network and therefor get block as it’s performing network scan. have removed the Buffalo nas navigator software and i hope i keep my Internet access after i re-enable ADP on my firewall

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Linkstation EM mode


So i almost got a heart attack yesterday when i was going to play some tunes i downloaded on Itunes. I store them on my linkstation NAS and during the day yesterday i had plaied with the Iphone app. Something went seriously wrong and the NAS enter the EM that according to Buffalo is Engineering mode but also called Emergency mode.

On the website it said i should update to the latest firmware of the device in order to resolve the issue, i downloaded the firmware and tried to update but i couldn’t as it was already up-to date.

So i found this workaround to edit the file LSUpdater.ini and put debug=1 in the file. When i do this i can see all NAS servers and i succeeded to update the device. Following firmware update i can access my itunes music and all happy again.

I have been looking at Qnap NAS/SAN for the house, i will put this project a bit higher on my priotity list now as i need redundancy in case of disk crash !

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Virtualize your homeseer homeautomation

Recently i have had some problems with my homeseer server, it all started when i had to move the server from the first floor to the basement, it was to thick walls to transmit signals to the other side of the house on a different floor, causing homeseer to time out the transmission. First i thought i would move the homeseer server to my office that’s located on the first floor as it would probably be able to transmit signals to all my Z Wave devices, however i still had the UPS and the main switch located in the basement. Not only this, i felt a growing need to have a few more servers at home, for example i would like a web server, database server, a video surveillance server, PBX/VOIP server etc. Mostly would be for experimental use and thinking about green it, saving electricity etc i thought maybe i would create myself a VMware server.

The first step would be to connect the Zwave controller USB key to my homeseer PC.

I started by buying Startechnology USB to IP converter, using USB over IP i can place my Zwave transmitter on whatever floor of my house i like, in the center of all my Zwave devices for the best reception. That way it does not matter where my homeseer server would be located, it may even be possible to controll it from a Virtual hosted server hosted in a remote data center on the other side of the world ?

You install a USB server on your homeseer PC and then it detects the USB over IP automatically. (I have no idea if it would work in case it would be located on a different subnet)

I can say homeseer works using this configuration, as my Zwave controller is no longer in the basement i can now reach the Zwave devices that was out of reach with the previouse configuration.

Next, to buy a new server to host my VM’s. I will use the free version of VMware ESXi5. Will let you know how it goes !

Some of you may say what about the speaker client etc if you run in VMware ? Again not tested, but you can probably do the same as the above solution with a USB sound card and you dont need to pull wiers half across your house to get the speaker where you want it. (Never used the speaker client or voice recognition so dont take to much note of the last selection)

I also bought another USB over IP device from Lindt, this device did not work with homeseer so dont buy this one, if you need one i can sell mine ! (it actualy say it only supports printers and disks but i saw the note to late)

Good luck !

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Zyxel ZyWALL USG 20W – Redundant internet connection

Hey !

I have managed to configure my both redundant Internet connection and  also load balanced Internet connection.Bellow you see a small schema of how my network looks

I added a switch on the WAN port of the Zyxwall and connected both my fiber and my old ADSL line to the switch, instantly the old ADSL came up by itself as the firewall remember the credentials, i then had two Internet connections !

On the Zyxel you go to configuration -> Network ->  Interface and select trunk. You select system default WAN trunk and you select what policy you wish to apply to the trunk (Round robin, least charged line, weight etc)

In order to make the tests quicker i lowered the timeout to 30 seconds. I went to a “what’s my IP” site and i refreshed my browser and my ip had changed between the two connections !

If you have different bandwidth on your Internet links don’t forget to put the “weight” or the bandwidth on the links, otherwise you may send traffic on the slower link and not use all your bandwidth.

I currently use the load balance policy least loaded as it will basically always use the fiber connection unless it’s down. When doing the tests with whats my ip i had it configured as round robin

In case you use DDNS don’t forget to put your backup connection in the configuration as well, that way your shared services will continue to work from your iPhone even if your primary Internet connection is down (Only if you use the host name of course)

If you are planning to do the same, think about using 2 different ISP’s as it’s very likely that if the ISP have problems with fiber connections they could also have problem with ADSL connections.

Oh yes, one more thing, remember to configure each of your connections with a connectivity check, by default the Zyxel check your default GW if the connection is up, but there could be a problem with routing for example that prevent your access to Internet, so i would suggest to configure the Zyxel to ping for exampel google or facebook or a similar site, that way you are sure you stay connected even if your ISP have problems.

You find this option on each connection, all you need to do is check @enable connectivity check@ and select if you like to ping, or check a TCP port, in above example i connect to google using HTTP. I would suggest to select different sites for each connection as you don’t want both connections to get to a failed state if one site is down.

In the above example it is configured 5 failures with a delay between each failure of 30 seconds, that would be 2 and a half minute for the line to get into a failed state. You probably like to lower the values to 2 checks and 5 seconds between each check so the line gets a faulty state after 10 seconds. (Maybe 20 seconds if you include the 5 second timeout that’s set, did not investigate that close)

Happy Easter !

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One week of internet over Fiber

So i am now connected with a 100 MB/S line to internet, as you have seen in other posts on the blog i can “only” use about 50 MB/S until i change my firewall.

What have has changed ?


  • RDP sessions to my work is much more reactive than before, i had very slow refresh time when using my full HD screen in a RDP session
  • I can see movie trailers in full HD without buffering
  • BF3 ping time down from about 40ms of the quickest server to about 9ms
  • Update of BF3 of 1.5 GB came down under 3 minutes

I have had one problem with my fiber convertor that forced the link down from 100MB/S to 10MB/S and i had worse download time than i had for ADSL, however after restart of FW + convertor the problem was solved

But as you can see, i really take advantage of my fiber line :-)

internet line usage


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Zyxel ZyWALL USG 20 Internet speed

Hi all,

I now got my fiber connection, even though they say it’s 100 MB/s i can only get 50MB/s. I found the reason (or let’s say the most likely reason) to be my firewall. I know person’s who get 100MB/s does not have a firewall only a WIFI access point that supports NAT.

When i done some tests using i get 50 MB/s when i have firewall and ADP active, however when i turn off the firewall i gain 10 MB/s and reach about 60MB/s. Turning on/off the ADP/IDS gives about the same perf as without, Maybe i can see 1 Mb/s less than when i run without ADP.

So the question is update to a new FW or install a accesspoint ??

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ZyWALL USG 20W – Port scanning IDS/IPS/ADP feature

Hi all,

Just went to a friend’s house to help him create a NAT rule for his PC. To verify that my work was correctly done, we used a website that offer port scanning feature to check the port was accessible from the internet. When i got home i updated my firewall firmware to the latest version. At the same time i thought i would try the IDS in the Zyxwall.

So i have created since a long time ago ADP (or IDS) rules. (this is not the running rules, dont worry :-) I have much more restrictive settings)Zyxwall ADP feature

I went to the web site that do port scanning and started a port scan of port 0 to 65000. I then found the bellow entries in my Zyxwall

Showing that the scan is blocked !

So the ADP feature in the Zyxel zyxwall works !!

Feel a lot safer now :-)

As an example i can show you this screenshot from the scan report showing that port 443 is closed, but it is open for everyone else except the bad source !


Trying to register my Iphone to my PBX i got this error message :

Detecting it as a port scan !!! Hmm…… Maybe i am to secure ????


For anyone that has not yet updated to version 3 i can recommend doing so. At a first look it seem much quicker interface and more features to the ADP.


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Upgrade blu-ray player to play latest disc ?

I got my latest Amazon order the other day and tonight I thought I would watch one of the movies. When I put the disc in my htpc that’s using cyber link Power dvd 10, the disc would not play, error 24. It suggested to upgrade to a newer version. I clicked ok and after a few minutes of waiting it said it could not play disc.( auto update)
After trying the basic things I decided to download the newest version form the cyber link homepage (power DVD 12) after the installation the blue-ray finally played, but to what price ? 50 usd for the standard version of power DVD and up to about 100 usd for the ultimate ? What if I didn’t have a htpc but a normal player, would I have to change to a new player to get the disc to play… The disc was one of the new triple play discs so I guess I could always download the movie. But I refuse tho pay a few extra pounds for blu-ray and play an old DVD.. ( I don’t know who would play the DVD disc when they can get blu-ray quality )

Was hoping for a double movie night but had in the end only time to see one movie..

And the movie Johnny English Reborn .. I absolutely adore the first movie, it’s so much fun. As always the second movie not as good as the first but still ok.

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Time for fiber internet connection

Hi All,

So tomorrow i will get fiber internet connection installed at home, the question is,  do i need it ??? If you see my current usage i dont use very much do i ?

Looking at the current bandwith i am not using very much, the peak you can see on my usage was a few sessions of BF3.

I guess the main advantage i see is not having to use a modem any more, but i guess i can have just as much problems with a fiber convertor as a ADSL modem. To be honest my internet connection is very stable at the moment since i added a UPS to protect my modem from power spikes..

Will let you know tomorrow the result (have not resigned my adsl subscription yet, will wait a month or two)

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